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About Us

We are The Sith Dynasty

We are a  Star Wars based costuming organization. Our members create and wear costumes of  the villians, bounty hunters and scoundrels from the Star Wars Universe, which includes characters from TV/film, books, and games based in the Star Wars Universe.

We are  a non-profit volunteer organization of costume enthusiasts who enjoy, express, and share their interest of costuming with others in the Star Wars community.

Although the Sith Dynasty was the first LFL Acknowledged Star Wars costume club to initiate a role-playing game during the Old Republic era, the Sith Dynasty is 'not' a role-playing group. We focus on community outreach while promoting our love for the Star Wars universe.

Click here for more information:
Sith Dynasty Charter
Sith Dynasty Code of Conduct
Sith Dynasty Costume information

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