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The Star Wars saga is fun and there is no doubt of it. Many are drawn to it and obsessed with it for many varied reasons. We find others whom we form bonds with on a multitude of commonalities.

We are drawn for the pure celebration it spawns to deeper aspects, but we are drawn.  
From a very personal standpoint, I want to relay the very important affect Mr. George Luca’s Star Wars story line had on me. It quite literally saved my life from the depths of despair at losing my Father. It was the manor in which he chose to exit this life… another story better left untold here.

I have come to understand that there are millions of others with stories just like mine. They have come into the Star Wars fan base to receive their own healing, to then extend that same inspiration and uplifting magic into the lives of others. What magic you may ask?
The message of “A New Hope”.

Star Wars for me and in fact for millions, is not just more entertainment comprised of CG and adrenalin reactive action. It is the depth of feeling, the desperate struggles, and yet in the face of such adversity, the strength born of absolute self discipline and integrity to continue on. It is the prime example of how we maintain loyalties, of how we endure hardships, of how we can keep relationships together through hardship, which proves that love in fact… does… conquer all.

In a very real sense, the characters portrayals of Mr. Lucas’s Star Wars saga and even in to the talented writers of the Extended Universe, currently deemed Legends, reflect our real life struggles. Struggles which all of us in some way or the other identify with. Many of our real life struggles may not be as desperate as those played out by our hero’s. But for the struggles of others, even more so. We all experience our ability to withstand loss and the anxiety of hardship. We are all tested to our breaking points, and therein my friends is where we are all able to relate to our hero’s,
and to the villains we love to hate.

We witness and relate to the losses and the breaking points of those who become Sith. We see the amount of integrity in spirit and the endurance of the heart, which it takes to triumph. Most importantly, we witness the enduring relationships which surmount all adversity. Within the ingenious writings of Mr. Lucas, we take to heart the message of, “A New Hope”.

Integrity of spirit, endurance of the heart, those are the key.

In this very moment that you are reading my words, you might relate to them as reflective of your own. In one way or the other we do have a… and yes… I dare say a… relationship…
with Star Wars. On one level or the other, in one aspect or another, we do have quite the relationship with it, do we not? ;)  

Within that relationship is where all Star Wars fans find commonality.
The Great, Great man, Mr. George Lucas, never knew the impact his story line would have on millions, and dare I say Billions? He nor his cast and crew could have never foreseen such a future in his franchise. He nor his cast and crew could have never foreseen how for millions of us, the saga would have gone far past the fun of it and become a true life line of hope.

Star Wars fans represent the very best this society has to offer within human outreach and indeed, everything humanity could offer across the board. The message of "A New Hope" ... and the incredible representations we receive from this inspiring saga, have breached the generation gap and will continue to do so.The beauty of it is awe inspiring on every level, and the charity outreach it invokes simply by it's existence is exemplary beyond words.

In the year of 2016, and due to yet another personal loss... I had left the Star Wars fan base. I had fallen back into a despair which I had been fighting since losing my Father in ’07.On December 27th of the year 2016, Miss Carrie Fisher, our Forever Princess left our world and passed into the Force. Only two days later on December 29th, she was followed by her Mother Mrs. Debbie Reynolds. That evening, and in reflection, I decided to sit and watch a video I had made the previous year. The video was of our incredible Star Wars collection which my husband and I have dedicated in honor of Mr. George Lucas and … my Father.

As I sat watching that video, the tears were streaming down my face. I was remembering the past few years I had spent within the fandom. I was remembering all of the many celebrities I'd had the golden opportunity to meet and converse with. I was remembering the many faces of adults and children I and others had brought an uplifting moment to. I was remembering the profound healing I had experienced for myself while helping others, the beautiful consequence of utter distraction from my own pain, due to the act of selflessly giving… and the unfortunate circumstance's which
had once again caused a loss of spirit, resulting in me falling away….
my own tests of integrity and endurance.

Through all of that, I reflected upon the sudden death of our Princess and how her life had taken a turn for the better, only to be brought up short. I reflected on the consequence of heartbreak, which immediately took her Mother … and I knew and remembered all to well …
that heart break does in fact kill.

The video had ended and I had closed out the screen on my computer. The screen saver came on and began looping through the images I have saved there, when something profound happened. With over 200 images which should have been appearing, only the images of our Princes were looping.
As I sat there viewing them, the following thought came to me,
"Don't let the evil in this world stop ‘you’ from doing good".

I sat straight up as the feelings provoked by those words ran through my being. I immediately remembered some quotes by our Princess which I had read earlier that day:
“I don't want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art”
“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die”
“Instant gratification takes too long”.

I looked at the very same things surrounding me, which I had just been viewing in that video, then turned to again stare at the images of Miss Fischer now looping in front of me and I knew what I had to do. I had to create another home for Star Wars fans and for myself. A home to celebrate Star Wars and for anyone out there who needs a distraction as I did … as I do … away from the stresses of every day life. To become a part of something larger than themselves, where they can take their
own love of Star Wars, their personal inspiration derived from it, and use that to reach out as I
and so many others had. A place offering the opportunity to do good for one another and for
their communities. I had to create a place for others to find peace in their lives,
to come together in fun and celebration within camaraderie.

Through my years of participating within this wonderful realm of Star Wars, I have discovered
that just like myself... there are millions of people whom have found "A New Hope” just
when they needed it the most.

On that fateful evening of December 29 of 2016, the concept of what would become
the "Sith Dynasty" was conceived and born.

The Sith Dynasty was born out of love and out of grief. It was born of a pure desire to build a home.
As such, I know that the emotions which brought the Dynasty forward, are a powerful force which
will take this club into the future.

The Force Is Truly With The Dynasty.

M’Lords and Ladies,Welcome to the Temple Of The Sith Dynasty.
"A Dynasty For A New Hope"
Your Chambers Await You.

There Is Strength... And Peace... In The Shadow.
And As Always...The Force Is Strong Within These Halls
Founder Of The Sith Dynasty ~ SD-002 Lord Zannah

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